There isn't enough space in a tiny CD booklet to thank everyone that needs to be thanked, so we've dedicated this page to doing just that.

Josh Clark would like to thank:

My beautiful wife Amy for her unconditional support, my parents, the rest of my family and my bros in the band. This album has been an adventure, sometimes up and sometimes down, but I cherish the times we've had together while working on it. Thank you.

Andy Stark would like to thank:

My parents for their continued love, encouragement, and support. My brother for always having my back and busting my chops. All my friends who've believed in me and my dreams. Lastly, my new band mates for giving me this opportunity. I am the biggest fan and admirer of these fine musicians, and for them to have chosen me is a tremendous privilege.

Justin Gosnell would like to write a novel, er, I mean thank:

My Mom and Dad (Rest In Peace Dad) first and foremost. I'll always be grateful for you supporting what I wanted to do with my life.

Big thanks to the Barnett family and my Aunt Terry.

My band members. Nate, Josh, Andy, and Brian, I hope we spend the rest of our short time here on earth continuing to create something beautiful together. You are my family.

Very special thanks to my brothers in Periphery. Spencer, Jake, Mark, Matt, Misha, and Nolly. You've all been such a huge part of my life and I'm forever grateful for all the memories we've made together, and I look forward everyday to making so many more.

I have a lot of close friends that I consider my family. Erin Murphy, Mike Chubb, Megan Adelsberger, Nick Wilt, Patrick Koch, Linda Mills, Dave Nelson, Joe Tumulty, Dave Manning, Wes Hauch, and Travis Vicknair just to name a few. Thank you for all the love you give me.

To my West Coast wrecking crew-Casey Sabol, Raanen Bozzio, and Adam Buzzini-I love you guys!!

A special thanks to Jeff and Louise Holcomb. I love you guys to death! Jeff, I can't wait for the world to see all the amazing video work you did for us. Your talent is unbelievable.

There are quite a few amazing people that contributed their immense skill to the process of making our debut album. Drew Mazurek, thanks for all your hard work and commitment to this project over the last decade-you're an invaluable part of this process. Brandon Paddock, thanks for the killer mastering job you did. John Wesley, thanks for all your help and input you provided, as well as that epic guitar part! Justin Meldal-Johnsen, thanks for taking a shot at working with some total noobs, your contributions to the album were golden!

Then there's Jeordie White (a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez). You've been one of my favorite musicians since I was a child. An absolute hero and idol. I can't fucking believe you played on my album. Thank you. Seriously.

Big thanks to Kory Gable, Taylor Larson, Brett Hestla, and Marc Jordan as well for their work on our album. I appreciate everything each of you did!

A monstrous amount of thanks goes out to Sahisnu "Nunu" Sadarpo and his assistant Sebastian Ramos. Nunu is the incredibly talented photographer that's been responsible for all of our band photos. It's an absolute honor to work with you guys, you blow our minds every time!

While Josh Clark handles 90% of our graphic design, there's been a couple others that have contributed some beautiful work for us as well. Steve Mercado, Daniel Wagner, Brandon Rike, and Benjamin Guarino-thanks for your wonderful art. Huge thanks as well to Mike Ritter for creating our logo which we absolutely love.

There's been a few online personalities/writers/bloggers that have been supportive from the very early stages of this band. To Jimmy Rowe, Chris Grenville, and Greg Kennelty, thanks for your support all these years. I greatly appreciate it.

To Albert Hoffman, Timothy Leary, Leonard Pickard, Robert McPherson, and Alexander Shulgin-thanks for planting the seed that sparked my imagination and expanded my mind to the endless possibilities of artistic creation.

Thank you to the whole Seventh Seal crew. I really loved the time I spent playing with all you guys (ESPECIALLY you Bagelfucker!).

To all my old school Vermont friends, all of my Virginia friends of yore, and all my Delaware friends-I wish I had more time to spend with you. Just know that I'll never forget all the great times we had and the memories we shared with each other.

Big time thanks to my managers and coworkers at both of my "day jobs". If you've ever covered a shift for me or allowed me to have time off to do what I truly love, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In addition to that, there's been so many great customers that have supported my life and my dream over the years. Just to name a small few, Pat, Bob, Jack, Bruce and Kelly, Anne, Chuck, and Chrissee, Cliff and Sharon, Larry and Janice, Ernie and Justin, Captain Rob and his wife Joan, Gustav, and so many more I could write here-thank you!!

I'd also like to give thanks to the many other musicians that I've played with in every incarnation of this band over the years-from "Lifted" to "The Revolution Theory" to "Vestascension"-your time jamming with me at any point in the history of this project, and at one time making it your focus, is greatly appreciated. Regardless of the good or bad times there's so many great memories and I choose to carry those with me. I give thanks for the time spent working on music together and I know I'll once again be working with some of you in the future.

Universal thanks to the extraterrestrial beings of the universe for letting me get this album finished and released before bringing me back home. I'll be ready to return soon…

To all the dreamers don't ever give up. Keep at it and say fuck you to the naysayers. Life really can be anything you want it to be-it just might take an immense amount of work and dedication to see it through. Always remember something I heard long ago-If anyone ever tells you your dreams are too big it just means their dreams aren't big enough.

Peace, Love, and Respect to all those who deserve it or have earned it.