We're Back!

April 10, 2012

After taking a bit of a break to revamp a few things in the band we're finally back with a BRAND NEW song called "Until We See The Ocean"! You can as always download it FOR FREE by clicking HERE!

Many have written in asking where our old tracks have disappeared to so here's the scoop:

We pulled our older material offline due to the fact that we'll be re-recording it with our new vocalist in preparation for our album's release. We're trying our best to not confuse new fans and we believe the best way to do that is by only offering our current "sound". This will especially be something that'll make more sense once the old songs are re-released which would result in multiple versions of the same song being out there.

While we know it's inevitable the old versions of the songs have/will make their way back online in some form or another we kindly ask that you refrain from uploading these versions anywhere on the web. We're an independent band and with the small budget we have set aside for advertising we really want to make sure we're advertising the correct product. We'd very much appreciate it and we thank you in advance for your understanding :)

Currently we're working overtime in the studio on more brand new material as well as the re-recording of our old songs. As for when more new music will be released we will be doing so on an "as it's finished" basis. This means there will be no "plan" or "strategy". We feel like we've made our fans wait long enough so as soon as we finish a track it'll be immediately posted online.

Thank you all for your amazing support. Stay tuned-the best is yet to come.